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5 răspunsuri la „DA-M-AŞ CĂRĂUŞ!

  1. A republicat asta pe By the Mighty Mumford și a comentat:
    we are referring to the roof rack occupant?

    • pozeDECAT

      Again, thank you for republishing my photo taken in Gaziantep!

      The title is also misleading according to Google translate. In Romanian “CĂRĂUŞ” means roughly “transporter by means of carriage”, somebody that makes a living by carrying stuff. “DA-M-AŞ” would translate like “I would like to pretend to be …” and is a play word i was trying in connection to the brand of the Korean car: “DAMAS”. So the translation of the title as “I WOULD BE CARRIED!” is a bogus 🙂

      So this is the trick, most of the titles of my posts/pictures are a certain degree of a play word in Romanian. Unfortunately, Google translate does not get the subtle parts of the languages it translates, not necessarily with Romanian only.

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