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  1. Thank you very much poze „DECAT”. Thanks for sharing me to your beautiful blog and country. I appreciate it so much! Also because i learned a Romanian word „branza” / cheese! 👍Xristina

    • pozeDECAT

      Like in those comercials: „… but wait, there’s more!” :). In Romanian we have the word (you mentioned the latin origin) „caş” meaning a relatively fresh/unmaturated, moist cheese. As Romanians were traditionally known as „vlachs” – – and in some areas a „vlach” might also have the meaning of „shepherd” (sheeps most comonly) , we are quite used with some types of chese that you do not find so easy in other parts of Europe, like „telemea” – traditional Romanian product; some of them having protected designation of origin. I may also mention „urdă” and „brânză de burduf”, i even do not know if there is a proper translation for these …

  2. Oh yes I know romanian telemea, in greek: telemes, it is also sold in Greece and tastes similar to feta. Unfortunately here in Italy it is unknown.
    Vlachs also exists in Greece, it’s called Vlachos and it’s as you say shepherds. But nowadays they are mostly entrepreneurs in the dairy sector. They are very smart, kind, welcoming people, friendly and big-hearted. I also know that Romanian and their dialect ​​are very similar due to the Latin origins of both. In Greece (my native country) my best friend is Vlach and we often have fun finding common words between Italian language and their dialect.

    I will look for info on the internet about urda and branza de burduf.
    It was a pleasure to exchange culinary and cultural info’s between Romania, Greece and Italy! Really nice to meet you! Wish you the best.
    Stay safe. Noapte buna!

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